Seed Paper printed

You wish to convey a message. Seed Paper brings your message to life. It is that simple and effective. Seed Paper is a refreshing method of conveying your message. In a way that leaves a lasting reminder of your message. After your clients or associates have read the print, the paper can be buried in the ground. If you keep the soil sufficiently moist, you can enjoy cheerful summer flowers in one to several weeks (dependent on the thickness of the paper). A living legacy of your message!

What is Seed Paper?

Grow Paper or Seed Paper is available in two variants: 80 gr./m2 and 200 gr./m2. The 80 gr./m2 variant consists of two thin layers of paper with flower seeds in-between. The 200 gr./m2 paper is produced via the traditional pulp method, the way it used to be done. Seeds are thus embedded in the paper. The paper itself has already been recycled (no trees are used!) and besides, it is 100% biodegradable. Colourful flowers are all that remain. A highly unique, green and sustainable product!


What are the options?

The possibilities are virtually endless with Seed Paper. For example, flyers, business cards, Christmas cards, invitations and announcements in all shapes and sizes. Virtually anything you can conceive can be made out of Seed Paper. We even print bags made of Seed Paper! In addition, unique shapes can be produced from Seed Paper for runs of 2500 units upwards, so that your message stands out even more.

To everyone’s benefit

As a company, using Seed Paper is incredibly beneficial in respect of marketing, since your message leaves a lasting legacy of flowers. That impresses people. Besides, by using Seed Paper, you show that you care about the environment. That is appreciated, not just by your clients and associates, but by the environment too. And if you can do your bit for waste reduction in this way, you will feel good about it too. A win-win-win situation, so what are you waiting for?