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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Seed Paper 

- Can I print Seed Paper myself?
Yes you can, but only with an inkjet printer. As it happens, laser printers or other printers burn or crush the seeds, which prevents them from germinating. If you print Seed Paper yourself, there is a risk the seeds will become dislodged during printing, causing damage to the printer. Greengiving will not be liable for this.
- In which formats can I supply files for printing?
You can supply print files in EPS, AI, PDF or Word format. The files must be vectorised and letter outlines must be used.
- What is a vectorised file?
A vectorised file is a graphic image that consists of vector information. This image is created in a graphic design programme/m2ma. Because the objects consist of vectors, unlimited scaling is possible while quality is retained. Thus (contrary to a pixel file), a vector image can be enlarged or reduced 1000% while all the details remain sharp and intact.
- What are letter outlines?
This is text that is converted to objects (vectors). The text is then suitable for processing by any printer or printing press. Letter outlines ensure that text does not become displaced and that the typeface is not changed. We strongly recommend that you use outlines. That way, you will prevent printing errors!
- Is it possible to print blocks of colour?
Printing large blocks of ink is not possible because the Seed Paper is full of ‘bumpy’ seeds. This can cause lines to form across the surface, which is unappealing. Apart from the tip to avoid blocks of colour, we recommend that you use a clear typeface as far as possible. As it happens, small, narrow letters can bleed.
- What colour is Seed Paper?
We use natural, unbleached paper in an off-white colour.
- How many seeds are there in an A4 sheet?
An A4 sheet of Seed Paper contains between 200 and 400 seeds. This depends on the type of seed.
- What kinds of Seed Paper are there?
We supply Seed Paper in two variants: 80 gr. /m2 and 200 gr. /m2. The 80 gr. /m2 variant consists of two thin layers of paper with flower seeds in-between. The 200 gr. /m2 paper is produced via the traditional pulp method, the way it used to be done. Seeds are thus embedded in the paper. This contains a mix of summer flowers as standard, but basil is also available on request. There is a choice of more kinds of seeds for runs of 1000 units or more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Greengiving

- What are the delivery times?
Delivery times vary per product and these are shown for each product. The delivery time for Seed Paper is between four and seven working days.
- Can I pay on account?
Yes, it is possible to pay on account. Our standard payment terms are fourteen days.
- How can I supply files for printing?
You can upload print files with your order. You can also attach and email your files to info@greengiving.nl.
- I am unable to place my order, what now?
How annoying that you are unable to place an order! Please email info@greengiving.nl for prompt assistance.
- What are the delivery costs?
We generally cover the delivery costs ourselves, so there are no additional delivery charges. You may however be billed for delivery charges for urgent or priority deliveries.