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What can I print on Seed Paper?

The possibilities are endless with Seed Paper. You can have the paper printed in your house style, however there are a few things you need to bear in mind, because the paper is full of ‘bumpy’ seeds. Therefore, it is not possible to print large areas of ink, because lines may form across the surface. Apart from avoiding blocks of colour, we recommend that you use a clear typeface as far as possible. As it happens, small, narrow letters can bleed. We print with inkjet printers, the only printing technique that does not crush or burn the seeds in the Seed Paper. Therefore, if you wish to print your Seed Paper yourself, an inkjet printer is a must.

Unique packaging

Seed Paper is the most original and sustainable way to convey your message. Conveying your message on Seed Paper draws and holds the attention! Uniquely, your clients or associates can do something with the paper after they have read the print. You see, when Seed Paper is buried in the ground, the paper degrades and a cheerful mix of summer flowers grows in its place. Now that is a green and ecologically responsible corporate gift!

Items made of Seed Paper 

If you have a look at our website, you will see that we are true specialists in the field of Seed Paper. We supply Seed Paper in A4, A5 and A6 formats, but special formats are available too. For example, cards or business cards. For runs of 2500 units or more, you can even have the paper cut into a special shape. To complete your promotion, we also offer envelopes for the cards! Not to mention our bags in different sizes, which are sure to please your associates or clients. Do you have a specific preference or requirement? Then let our product specialists know. We would be delighted to offer advice!