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Geld als groeipapier - 80 gr./m2  n.a.

Seed Paper money

Let grow your money!

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Money really does grow on trees with our currency made of Seed Paper! This Seed Paper bears a print of a Euro note with a full colour print of your logo. There is no doubt that all eyes will be on these notes! The 80 gram paper consists of two thin layers with summer flower seeds in-between. You can have your own customised seed mix for runs of 2500 units upwards, enquire about the options.


The Seed Paper can be printed in full colour with your own logo or text, however it is not possible to print blocks of colour. Money made of Seed Paper is available in runs of as low as 100 units and you can choose from various notes. The great thing about Seed Paper is that it can be buried in the ground and after a little while, the most beautiful flowers start blossoming. An exceptionally green and unique means of promoting your company!

Product information

Product Seed Paper money
Article number 959000GG
Size 11.5 x 6.5 cm
Weight 0.5 gram
Printing size 115 x 65 mm
Material Paper
Material thickness 80 gr./m²

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