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Special formats

Seed Paper is a unique phenomenon in its own right, but if you want something really special, we can cut the Seed Paper into any shape you desire with a customised die cutter. Would you like a uniquely shaped business card? Or something to herald the season, like an Easter Bunny or Father Christmas? Or a specific model of car, or a butterfly? We can supply the shape and full colour print work for virtually anything you can conceive. Ask Greengiving about the options for your specific requirements.

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Growing paper cut - 80gr./m2

own design | from 2500 pieces

View product From 0,48 per piece

Seed Paper in A3 format

Placemat with seeds of summer flowers!

View product From 1,27 per piece

Bookmark- 80gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces - 80 gr./m2

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Seed Paper Business Cards

the cheapest | 200 gr./m2

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Seed Paper bookmarker | 200 gr./m2

Available from 100 pieces

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Seed Paper Card A6

200gr./m2 | incl. seed paper envelope

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Seed Paper DIN Lang | 200gr./m2

from 100 pieces - 200 gr./m2

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Die cut Seed Paper

For runs of 2500 units upwards, you can have Seed Paper die cut into any shape, as long as the dimensions are within 19 x 13 cm. You can thus personalise a seed mat even more, which will make your company stand out to your associates and (potential) clients more effectively. You can choose from the following seeds for die cut Seed Paper; sunflowers, forget-me-nots, poppies and cornflowers. Give your associates and/or clients a cheerful and sustainable gift!

Environmentally friendly, we can vouch for that!

When you print your message on Seed Paper, the flowers it produces provide your clients with a lasting reminder. After they have read the print, the paper (whether or not recycled) can be buried in the ground. The soil must be kept sufficiently moist and it must get enough sunlight. After a few weeks, the paper degrades and the seeds produce young plants that flower. What a lovely legacy to your (advertising) message! The environment is happy, your clients are happy and you are happy. You don’t get more appealing and environmentally friendly than that!